Are you an Innovator? Creator, Influencer, or Trendsetter?
I’m creating a new society, the portable wedding society. We are a society of free thinkers and creatives. The portable wedding industry is setting out to disrupt the traditional wedding industry by introducing a whole new way of getting married.

Let’s face it, everyone is not good at networking. A lot of truly talented people are left out of the game because they are not social or don’t look the part.
We are only looking for the best of the best, the most talented, the most creative, the most independent thinkers so we can corner the market with the most diverse top talent there is. Is that you?

Studies show that more and more couples are rejecting traditional weddings and opting for smaller more intimate weddings and elopements all while spending more on their guest to have wonderful experiences over traditional elements that the wedding industry has boasted for decades. People’s lives are changing, but unfortunately the wedding industry is not changing with it. The truth of the matter is, traditional weddings are falling off and the industry is not moving forward because most of the people in the industry cannot adapt to the digital and social changes that’s coming. Most wedding professionals are earning less than $20,000 a year.
custom wedding in a box

1. There is no barrier to entry so anyone can enter the market at any point without any real training or standards, thus bringing the industry down.
2. Most creatives are not business people. This is important because there are a lot of creative people who should be creating and not necessarily in the market. Having too many creatives also crowd the industry and bring down the value.
3. The standard of beauty is evolving as
more and more couples are demanding to see representation of themselves, and creators and creatives are demanding more access to spaces that they have historically been left out of. Limited representation is not going to work any longer. For the industry to change there must be diversity of talent and thought and that goes waayy beyond color.
5. There are no billion dollar wedding brands, in fact the top 4 wedding companies only make up 5%of the industry.
6. Couples are demanding more and more value for their dollars, all while looking for more and more customization and higher levels of perfection. The only way to achieve this and continue to be profitable is to rethink weddings and the business model they have traditionally used.

Up until now, couples have had to hire out anywhere from 5-20 vendors to produce an average wedding. What if this could be reduced by up to 90% all while making more money and having more creative freedom?
Now imagine if couples could design their ideal weddings from the comfort of their own home at anytime of the day or night. By choosing from a Curated mix of wedding products- everything from backdrops to menus and florals-the possibilities are endless. Couples can custom design their wedding boxes or choose from one of our pre-designed boxes all designed by artist and creators like yourself and produced by local makers that can focus on making instead of selling.
With the rise of the DIY bride and a booming digital and e-commerce industry weddings are moving online,
All the while people are becoming more and more impressionable and predictable because of algrythems, data, and social media. Not only do we now have the tools to predict couples needs, but now more than ever we have the ability to influence people’s thoughts and perceptions.
The Wedding Industry moves slow, it generally takes12-18 months to plan a wedding. That’s good for the bride, but it’s horrible for creatives and creators who are forced to create the same designs over and over again. All of that has to change and we have found a way to change it!!!
Wedding In A Box
WIAB is a digital wedding and lifestyle brand created for today’s couples that want all of the style and creativity of a designer wedding for the cost of a average wedding.
*By cutting out the middle man (vendor’s)
*Limiting the number of design choices couples can choose from by creating designer inspired collections each season.
*By limiting the legnth of time collections are available as well as the number of products available in each collection to create exclusivity.
*And by Introducing PWS (Portable Wedding Specialist) that are incredibly talented and creative problem solvers that can think on their feet and have the ability to work multiple positions-from creating timelines, to making flower arrangements or putting the cake together. In short they are badasses that can go in and create a whole wedding in a couple of hours from the information given and the pieces in our boxes. Thus cutting down the number of service professionals each wedding needs.
Couples have the option to customize their individual portable wedding by adding a variety of upgrades and add On’s that range from additional reuseable design pieces to services such as officiants, virtual planners/designer’s etc. Everything the couple need to plan and design a complete wedding online for up to 50 guest saving customer’s $1000’s of dollars and hundreds of hours of planning time, and giving creatives more money and a chance to create and design fresh content and designs.

By streamlining weddings- making them smaller and more intimate- and doing away with the notion that weddings have to take 12-24 months to plan. We have totally reinvented the way to buy and sell weddings.
Our wedding collections and boxes change often,(2x yearly spring/summer winter/fall) in addition to limited edition boxes that coincide with famous weddings and events throughout the year. Once a collection is gone it’s gone, never to return again. This makes our collections highly sought after and also creates a sense if urgency in our couples. With our new system and business model we can eliminate up to 90 % of the labor which make weddings so expensive by making premade boxes and introducing pre selected limited pieces that have been pre ordered for the season and assembled in a single production facilitie with all upgraded and additional services being handled on local levels by our certified and trained PWS.

We provide an online market place where couples can buy an array of items for their wedding and entertaining needs. Items range from invites, to decor, to candleaberas, backdrops, candles, cakes, catering and so much more. All of our pieces are reuseable so couples can integrate their wedding pieces into their home as decorative items and home entertaining.This means nothing is rented, no need for huge inventories or space for storing rentals.

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