Elopement is one of the most popular options that couples are turning to. Not only is it cost efficient and practical, but elopement gives couples the freedom and flexibility to plan their nuptials anywhere they want without wasting months or years at a time doing it. Planning an elopement or a small, intimate wedding can be done in a whole year in advance or even as little as 7 days.

How Can I Plan a Wedding in 7 Days?

The idea of wedding planning can seem like an unbearable burden of flower arrangements, cake sampling, scheduling, color swatches and annoying ass seating charts…but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can literally just schedule your elopement (if needed), purchase your wedding license, hire a freelance photographer and head down to the courthouse with you beau and your witnesses!

However, if you’re interested in a little bit more fanfare, purchase a portable wedding, otherwise known as ‘Wedding in a Box!’ Each kit features a picture taking app, décor, cupcakes, champagne, a bouquet and everything else you need to have a wonderfully designed wedding at about a fraction of the cost. ‘Wedding in a Box’ can range from $999-1,500 and can be purchased in as little as 7 days before your wedding! Not only is a portable wedding THE best choice for couples who are eloping, but it caters to the spontaneity that makes elopement so romantic.
So whether you choose Dubai, the Virgin Islands, or your mom’s backyard, getting eloped with Wedding in a Box will give you all of the flare of months of planning without the actual months.
Take away the stress of planning and save months of time by purchasing Wedding in a Box, today!

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