Having a wedding in NYC sounds like every girl’s dream, right? The bright lights, the skyline, taking pictures during the midday traffic jam. But for many women, even New Yorkers, having a wedding in the city isn’t quite as dreamy as having it upstate. Full of lodges, gorgeous state parks and mountains, upstate New York is definitely one of the best place to have a wedding especially if you’re into the whole rustic vibe (nothing like a Moose head staring at you while you’re professing your love to each other, right?). If you’re someone who loves fishing, hunting, and basically anything and everything to do with the outdoors, then this may be the spot for you. But before you hit the expressway, there are a few things that you need to know before planning a wedding in Upstate New York:

When to Plan

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The scenery in upstate New York is to die for- the trees in autumn are the perfect decadence of oranges, reds and yellows, the blossoms in the spring make it look like a dream, snowcapped mountains make a magical backdrop and the lakeside during the summer glistens as sailboats pass by on the horizon.
There are literally hundreds of different settings to choose from when dealing with an Upstate New York wedding, so much so that you could literally plan an elopement during any season and have the perfect backdrop for your nuptials (as well as some pretty spiffy looking pictures, too). Some popular places to check out are the Adirondacks, Barcelona Lakeside, Lake Taghkanic State Park, Finger Lakes, Lake Placid and Cooperstown.


If you’re the outdoors-y type, the various state parks and lodges will be right up your alley, but why plan a regular ceremony? Go have your ceremony in a pine grove, say your vows atop the Adirondacks…Hell, do it on a cliff! If you’re going to elope, may as well make it memorable!
No matter where you decide to have your wedding- whether in a lodge full of taxidermy or overlooking the beautiful landscape from the edge of a cliff, Wedding in a Box has everything you need and more to give your ceremony the flare you’re looking for. Each package comes with a bouquet, décor, picture app, cupcakes, champagne, and much more, all for just $1,000! And if that’s not awesome enough, you can order your Wedding in a Box in as little as 7 days before your elopement!

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