Travel the World Tuesdays: Planning for a Wedding in the Florida Keys

Florida Keys is one of the premier destinations in the US. White sandy beaches, resorts and clear blue water without having to leave the country? Sounds like the perfect deal if you’re looking for a tropical setting without spending “tropical” money. As a matter of fact eloping in the Florida Keys is actually much cheaper than some may think, even for ceremonies on the beach! But before you pack your snorkel and speedos, there are a few things you need to know before eloping in Florida Keys…

Marriage License

Getting a marriage license is a pretty easy process- just go to the courthouse in any county of FL with your photo ID, apply and pay the $93.50 fee. You don’t have to get married in the county that you get your license from and the wait is very short- only about 3 days for non-Florida residents. You can even apply for your license via mail! Florida residents can pay as little as $56 if they complete a premarital class. Marriage licenses are valid up to 60 days after issuance.


Of course the OBVIOUS choice for a place to have a wedding is on the beach, I mean…that was your whole point of coming to the Keys, right? WRONG. There are so many other fun, exciting, MEMORABLE ceremonies to be had there. Want to get married underwater? You can do that. Want to get married on a pirate ship? Sure! How about swimming with Dolphins? Hell yeah!
Even if you do decide to do your ceremony on the beach, it doesn’t have to be drab or dreadfully cliché. Customize your ceremony by bringing Wedding in a Box! Not only does this package come with décor, a bouquet, a picture app, cupcakes, champagne and a whole bunch more, but it’s only $1,000 and can be purchased at least 7 days before your wedding! The versatility of the box makes it the ideal choice for any of the ceremony choices listed above.

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